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Proudly Catholic group of the Diocese of Dedza on Sunday 4th December 2022 handed over assorted items to the Fathers’ house at Corpus Christi (Ntcheu) Parish. In a colourful ceremony, the group presented a sofa set, a cooker, mattresses and kitchen utensils.

Speaking during the presentation, the advisor of Proudly Catholic Mr Geoge Ngaiyaye said that the time is over for men and women of God to live miserable lives. “It is our mandate as Catholic Christians to support our reverend fathers with whatever little resources we have”. Ngaiyaye said that the time to wait for missionaries to help our priests, sisters and catechists is over. He urged Ntcheu Parishioners to emulate what Proudly Catholic has done.

Ntcheu Parish chairperson Mr Lyton Lawrent expressed his appreciation for the kind gesture shown by the group and encouraged his fellow Christians also do likewise.

Parish priest Rev. Fr. Venancio Chimchenga thanked Proudly Catholic for fulfilling their promise to help the parish. He asked the grouping to reach out to all father’s houses and sisters’ convents in the diocese where there is a need to do so.

Earlier in the day, over 40 young Christians received their First Holy Communion in the Church. The Catholic Men Organisation Choir spiced up the mass.

Reported by:
Fred Kawalewale Gerson
PRO, Proudly Catholic Diocese of Dedza.

corpus christi parish ntcheu sofa set

corpus christi parish ntcheu cooker donation

prodly catholic group at corpus christi parish ntcheu