Five seminarians to be ordained deacons

The Church in Malawi while aware of malaise in Christianity caused by secularism and the values of a consumer society but has also sensed rising hopes for the future of Catholicism in various parts of Malawi as it will ordain many seminarians to become deacons on 20th May 2023 in Zomba at St.Peters Major seminary. In particular, the Diocese of Dedza has five (5) seminarians that will be ordained deacons. These seminarians are Martin Jack Kaida from Bembeke Cathedral Parish, Fredrick Hauya from Kanyama Parish, Aberto Dzuwa from Chiphwanya Parish, and Flavius Makwinja and Montfort Mtengo from Kasina Parish. These seminarians are evidence in themselves that at least as seed and promise for the fire Church in our diocese of Dedza. They will provide and fill the gap of challenges for the United Christian’s conscience.

In history, the chief duty of a deacon is to assist apostles in caring for the spiritual and physical needs of the Christians (acts 6:6). This order is a final order leading to ordination to the priesthood. In our contemporary world, a deacon has to proclaim the Gospel and preach at Mass, assist the priest in the celebration of the Eucharist and distribute Communion. He can be a minister of a solemn baptism and can officiate at marriages. A deacon is also a minister of Charity to the needy of the parish and helps with the religious instruction of children and converts.

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  1. Christopher kushota

    wishing them all the best. May the almighty God continue guiding them to reach their goals

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