Bembeke Parish Young Christian Workers establishment

On Sunday 18th February 2024, Dedza Diocese Young Christian Workers (YCW) undertook an initiative to establish the Young Christian Workers organization at Bembeke Parish. This event was organized by Dedza Diocese YCW, with the participation of YCW members from Dedza and Ntcheu Sections. The team was accompanied by the Youth Chaplain for the Diocese, Fr. Humphrey Chafukira, who provided guidance and support throughout the engagement.

YCW members from Dedza and Ntcheu Sections arrived at Bembeke early in the morning and attended all morning masses as part of their commitment to this important initiative. Isaac Mphweya, the President of Dedza Diocese YCW, took the opportunity to address the congregation during both masses. He provided a comprehensive overview of YCW, highlighting its background, objectives, and activities. The congregation was sensitized, with a particular emphasis on encouraging youths aged 16 to 40 years to actively participate and join YCW.

Young christan workers at priest's house at Bembeke Parish

Meeting with potential members to Join YCW at Bembeke Section

After the morning masses, a substantial gathering of youths voluntarily assembled outside the church, expressing their interest in joining YCW. Engaging in a thorough discussion, these potential youths posed questions to gain a deeper insight into their understanding of the organization. The awesome response indicated a strong desire among the youths to become part of YCW, leading to a successful registration of these youths.

As the session concluded, interim leaders were appointed to facilitate the registration process and to map the way forward. This productive meeting marked a pivotal moment in expanding the YCW community in Dedza Diocese.