Golden Jubilee of small christian communities celebration at Nsipe Parish, Dedza Diocese

During the Celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Small Christian Communities at St. Peter Claver-Nsipe Parish, Archbishop George Tambala conveyed a powerful message. He urged both the laity and clergy not to rest when it comes to serving God and humanity. Drawing from John 6:34-44, where Jesus fed a crowd, he emphasized that even when seeking rest, compassion led Jesus to serve others. “We must work hard, even giving up personal leisure,” said the Metropolitan Archbishop of Lilongwe.

Archbishop Desmond Tambala at the golden jubilee of small christian communities in Dedza diocese

Archbishop Tambala highlighted the importance of Christian communities showing God’s mercy to people. This is why the Church provides social services like schools, hospitals, development projects, and promoting justice.

He acknowledged the challenges faced by the Church and Small Christian Communities in the 50 years of Miphakati. But he urged not to let challenges hinder serving the needs of all, especially the less privileged. “Kodi aliyense atati aike buledi wake ndi Nsomba yake pamodzi, ndi anthu angati tingasinthe moyo wao?-Can one person catch fish alone and not share with others?” he wondered.

christians at the golden jubilee celebration

Archbishop Tambala also challenged all faithful in the Church to unite and avoid selfishness. He emphasized that in the Church, it’s not “my God” but “Our God.” The sense of unity makes us one Church.

Addressing the youth directly, Archbishop Tambala encouraged them to attend Church gatherings. He expressed concern about how the Church has involved youth in Miphakati gatherings.
In conclusion, Archbishop Tambala reminded all Catholics in the AMECEA Region that the Church provides everything for everyone. He advised against seeking favors from other places, urging everyone to tap into the blessings within the Catholic Church.

youth at the golden jubilee of small christan communities

The celebratory mass was attended by delegates from various AMECEA countries including Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti, and Uganda. This shows the unity of the Church’s mission across these regions.

– ECM Communications