Bembeke CMO members with their parish priest

Catholic men from Bembeke on 14th December participated in a vibrant and colourful launch of the Catholic Men Organisation (CMO) in the parish at a mass celebrated by Fr Gift Selemani. The men were drawn from all small Christan Communities of the parish.

At the Eucharistic celebration, Fr Selemani encouraged the CMO members to work hard for the development of their parish, take up different roles and participate in the activities of the Church.

CMO members with parish Priest Fr Gift Selemani
CMO members with parish Priest Fr Gift Selemani

The Catholic Men Organisation is made up of Catholic male Lay members of Christ’s faithful people who have acquired their identity through baptism (John Paul II, 1983, Canon 96,204). These men work in various sectors of life, both church and society. They are also members of various other parish and church committees.

Bembeke CMO visit Mangochi

On Friday 31st December 2021, the Bembeke Parish CMO members visited their counterparts in Koche Parish in Mangochi Diocese to celebrate their union as members of the same organisation. This trip attracted about 106 Catholic men.

Among other parishes in Dedza Diocese that have set up CMOs are Sharpevale and Dedza.